Recruitment Process Outsourcing: A Viable Solution For All

Companies looking to cut or reduce the internal recruitment process for their business should give recruitment process outsourcing a try. There is a huge difference between a staffing firm or agency and a recruitment process outsourcing firm. Using the latter could save a company valuable time and revenue, making recruitment outsourcing a viable solution for all. As the economy changes, so will the applicant pool. Having a provider to handle the applicants and possible candidate is something companies should consider.

Since the 1990s, businesses have used recruitment process outsourcing providers in one way or another. Some believe the process existed in the 1970s, but not used as widely and consistently as a recruitment process outsourcing company is today. The purpose of using a recruitment process outsourcing provider is to ensure a company hires the best quality employees, in all aspects of the company, without spending a lot of money. Meaning a company wants to ensure high-quality for low costs. Costs may be higher to use a recruitment process outsourcing company, verses an internal recruitment department,… Continue reading

How Outsourcing Makes Your Life So Much Easier

IT Outsourcing

If you’re going to make money online, outsourcing IT services is absolutely essential, which is why PPC Managed Services exists. There are so many little tasks and things to do each day that you’ll be drowning in mundane tasks quickly if you don’t. It’s a lifesaver but it can also cause as many problems as it solves. Let’s look at when and what you should outsource, as well as some tips for doing it right.

When To Outsource IT

Outsourcing IT services basically means buying the time of others because IT is not your core business. Because it saves you so much time from having to find a solution and ultimately money, you should start outsourcing as soon as possible. However, if you’re just getting started and you have yet to taste your first paycheck, it may seem crazy to start spending money on IT consultants.

The best time for most people to start outsourcing is when you have started earning some money. Once you’ve got a steady income… Continue reading

Using SharePoint Development Solution for Streamlining Business Functioning

Every successful organization is backed by a highly-potential team of employees who work together by combining their skills, capabilities and experience to produce the best solution, which is exactly what SharePoint consultants can do for you. In order to work together, the employees must have full understanding about the strategy so that they can utilize the resources in an efficient manner. Hence, it is essential to spread transparency within an organization for improving the output level to a great extent.

The need to bring transparency and improve collaboration between employees has led to an increase in use of Microsoft SharePoint as a platform for custom software development solution. SharePoint 2010 is a technology by which businesses can create, manage and share information among employees of an organization. This helps to make communication between separate departments effective by eliminating the problems that arise due to lack of communication.

The effective communication is possible only because it allows information to be stored on a server by providing access to employees irrespective of the location. Therefore,… Continue reading

What Can Managed Services Do For Me?

Managed Services – Do You Really Need It?

I want to start this article saying that I firmly believe PPC Managed Services is a great thing. Why? The following benefits:

  • They generally include a monthly fixed price to administer your environment. This assists businesses with their IT expenditure – knowing in advanced how much you’re spending.
  • They are governed by Service Level Agreements (SLAs). These outline what level of service you want. For example, response times to logged problems.
  • Unlimited technical support (phone, remote and onsite)
  • Proactive preventative maintenance. For example, backup checks, antivirus updates, server patching, error log checking etc…
  • Infrastructure monitoring and alerting

Basically, anything can be included in a managed services arrangement, but at a cost.

So, do I really need Managed Services?

That is up to you. A managed service (MS) is simply a product offering from an IT company. Each IT management services company has different inclusions in their MS agreements. For example, some will include unlimited onsite technical support, while others will stipulate a monthly quota of… Continue reading

The Effectiveness of Computer Support Services for Efficient Business Operation

Computer Support

Through the advancement of technology in our modern era, there are a lot of efficient solutions for diversified issues being confronted by many Ecommerce websites. Computer support services offer a massive range of IT solutions for all pitfalls of technological operation. It gives intensive computer support for software and hardware issues with your business online website.

Certainly, all transaction of your enterprise only is based from programs and applications used by the IT developer of your website, but sometimes you cannot afford to wait for their service because you do not want to lose sales. To date, all technical errors can be corrected by Computer support service through remote repairing and maintenance activities wherein all PC related conflicts will be treated through Internet. Throughout the years, computer support services became a huge hit on the online market because above all, it is a little inexpensive compare to the service provider that will go personally in your place. Remote support provides a fast, reliable and expert solution to your technical pitfalls. Definitely, computer support… Continue reading

What Can SharePoint Do For My Company?

SharePoint as defined by Microsoft is “Integrated suite of server capabilities for enterprise search, content management, business process facilitation, simplified information sharing, and enhanced business insight”. It means that you do things differently which helps you in saving a lot of your time and energy. SharePoint provides an integrated single platform to manage intranet, extra-net and internet applications over the whole enterprise.

1. SharePoint training (as offered at allows you to gain full control over the storage, security, distribution, management administration of their electronic contents. They make use of tools which are really simple to use to integrate familiar everyday applications.

2. By making use of Info-path forms services-driven solution organizations can accelerate their shared business processes with customers as well as with their partners within organizational boundaries.

3. Through information sharing facility and simplified content publishing, you are able to find data, information and people easily with precise efficiency.

4. Back-end data is easily accessible with the use of browser and personalization of data can be easily done.

5. You get… Continue reading

Finding The Right IT Firm

Tips for Finding the Right IT Management Company

Not every business leader is pleased with his or her IT managed services provider. Some IT companies ( provide outstanding IT managed services, while others only aggravate their clients. A partnership with a lackluster IT consulting firm is more than frustrating – it’s also risky for your business, since information technology is such a huge part of doing business these days. To make sure you choose an exceptional IT management services company, follow the tips we’ve gathered below.

Red Flags: IT Consultant Warning Signs

1. Poor follow-through. If a certain IT management company doesn’t follow up on your business inquiry, they probably won’t provide very good service down the road.

2. Undue emphasis on free consultancy. “Free system check-up!” It’s an enticing line, right? However, an IT consultant who dangles this carrot before your eyes is often looking for a way to sell you on unnecessary services or software. To get objective, expert IT advice, look for an IT consultant who is upfront… Continue reading

Minimize IT Expenditures with Outsourced IT Services

7 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Company’s IT

Have you ever considered outsourcing your company’s IT department with Pay Per Cloud Managed Services? Perhaps you have sidelined this idea because of concerns that if you outsource such an important part of your modern business you won’t be able to have enough control over it, or an intimate enough relationship between your IT and the rest of your business. But in fact, outsourcing your IT can be very beneficial to you – and to your bottom line.

What are the benefits of outsourcing your IT?

1) You reduce your IT overhead, and free up more resources from within your business. Choosing PPC Managed Services also allows you to minimize your IT expenditures and reduce your investment in fixed infrastructure, as you don’t need to maintain any of the equipment or personnel needed for a fixed in-house IT department. And, you get to offload one of your business’ necessary but non-core functions.

2) You can redirect all of energies into what your business… Continue reading

IT Consulting: Easy Decisions For The Non-Technical Person

Hiring an IT Guy

The problem with in house IT

Growing businesses often find their technology has become too complex, and employees too specialized for the “I wear a lot of hats” method of IT Management. The president of the company no longer wants to come in on Saturdays to reboot the server, and the controller feels uncomfortable keeping tape back-ups in the trunk of his car.
This leads to inevitable hard decision between hiring a full time IT person or outsourcing ( that function to an IT vendor. When the decision time comes, here are some things to consider.

Hiring an IT Guy

Evaluating IT resumes is kind of like buying contemporary art. If you don’t have any background in the subject, you’re likely to feel overwhelmed.

Certifications, experience, attitude, and general feel all help in making a tough decision between candidates, but non-technical people ultimately have to make a guess. Which one is our guy? Who will be able to maintain stable systems and bring new ideas to the table… Continue reading

Steps to Make Sure Your Data Is Backed Up

Computers are getting more and more reliable which, in turn, means that we tend to get blasé about backing up the data on our electronic devices. The goes for computers, laptops, phones, TIVO devices, etc. We know deep down that we should backup our data with VaultScape but it’s often a task for tomorrow. But it’s better to start today…

1. Identify the data you need to backup

Not all of your hard drive needs backing up. A lot of it is devoted to the software that runs Windows and the programs that you’ve installed. So long as you’ve got the necessary activation codes then it’s highly unlikely that you’d be in trouble if your computer was lost, stolen or corrupted.

But other data isn’t as easy to replace. Things like your holiday photos, files that you’ve created for home or work, some of your email correspondence. All of it should be on your list of things you need to backup on a regular basis at

2. Decide how you’re… Continue reading